Siglent giới thiệu dòng dao động ký Super Photphor Oscilloscope

SIGLENT releases SDS2000 series Super Phosphor Oscilloscope with 110,000 wfs/s waveform capture rate in November, 2013.

Figure 1: SIGLENT SDS2000 series Super Phosphor Oscilloscope

The new SDS2000 is available in max. 300MHz bandwidth, up to 2GSa/s sampling rate and 2/4 analog channels. Technogically advanced and cost-effective, the SDS2000 series features an excellent memory depth of 28Mpts standard, and in addtion, the SDS2000 series also provides optional 8-digital channels(optional)and built-in 25MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator. Asfeatured long memory depth, high capture rate and multi-level intensity grading waveform display,the SDS2000 series super phosphor oscilloscope is universally recognized as an applicable digitalinstrument with advanced technology and high-end performance.

Figure 2:up to 110,000 wfs/s capture rate for quickly capture of glit

The innovative SPO technology makes the SDS2000 series outstanding in the same industry. In addition, withinthe 8 inches TFT(800×480)LCD display, the SDS2000 series could realize 256 intensity grading and color temperature waveform display, which develops a new age for domestic digital oscilloscope industry.

Figure 3: the color temperature display for FM signal

The SDS2000 series realizes the real-time digital triggering system including smart trigger, HDTV video trigger and series protocol trigger function. Using hardware technology. Instead of achieving the triggering function outside of FPGA as traditional oscilloscope, the SDS2000 achieves that inside of FPGA, which helps to improve trigger sensitivity, lower trigger jitter and even accurate trigger timing to 1ns.

The SDS2000 series supports series protocol triggering and decoding functions (IIC, SPI,UART/RS232, CAN, LIN), to make error detection and hardware debugging in effecient and right wayfor users.

Figure 4:IIC trigger setting interface for SIGLENT SDS2000

Using event list to display information, the SDS2000 series could give you a quick and direct decoding information you desire.

Figure 5:the decoding list interface for SIGLENT SDS2000

The SDS2000 series realizes a variety of digital triggers, including Window, Interval, Runt, DropOut, Pattern.

Figure 6:Runt trigger setting interface for SIGLENT SDS2000

The SDS2000 series supports built-in 25MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator, which is configured with up to 10 kinds of waveforms, could display any waveform through connected to the upper computer software EasyScopeX.

Figure 7:the AWG setting interface for SIGLENT SDS2000

The SDS2000 series is configured with complete connectivities: EXT TRIG, Pass/Fail, TRIG OUT, USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC, PictBridge) and LAN.

Having been devoted to test and measurement industry for over ten years, Siglent strikes a newbalance between product high-performance and cost control through constant technology accumulation and innovation. With the launching of the SDS2000 series Super Phosphor Oscilloscope, users will inevitably feel unimaginably great once upon using it. More important, it will incredibly plays an important role in Scientific Research, Education, Industrial Electronics, Consumer Electronics,Computer and Field Maintenance areas.

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